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Marco Caninis's Publications

Proceedings of the 1st Annual Workshop on Simplifying Complex Network for Practitioners
Zitatschlüssel HU-Simplex-09
Seiten 26
Jahr 2009
ISBN 978-1-60558-704-2
Herausgeber Hui, Pan and Uhlig, Steve
Verlag ACM Press
Zusammenfassung SIMPLEX is the forum aimed at simplifying network science for practitioners, and particularly for computer communication practitioners. This event focuses on applications of network science relevant for the analysis, the design and the simulation of communication networks and protocols. This year's workshop was held in the beautiful city of Venice, and was co-located with NetSci '09, one of the major network science conferences. Having as a goal to stimulate collaboration between communication networks and network science, the program of SIMPLEX'09 was made not only of technical sessions, but also of several tutorials as well as a panel. The main technical session was made of papers carefully reviewed by at least three members of the Technical Program Committee. Only those papers are published in the ACM Digital Library. The main technical session was followed by tutorials aimed at explaining to the network science community the data available from communication networks and to discuss some methodological issues with the use of such data. Most of the data types available from communication networks were covered by the tutorials: cellular networks, human mobility and wireless networks, as well as fixed networks. After the tutorials, a joint session between SIMPLEX and NetSci was organized in order to let the network science community present their work relevant for SIMPLEX. This joint session was made of short presentations. The papers of the joint session have not been peer-reviewed as the main technical session, hence these papers are not included in the proceedings.
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