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Marco Caninis's Publications

Using the Topological Characterization of Synchronous Models
Zitatschlüssel BGHKPPS-UTCSM-02
Autor Blanc, Sylvestre and Guerraoui, Rachid and Hess, Kathryn and Kouznetsov, Petr and Parent, Paul-Eugéne and Pochon, Bastian and Sauvageot, Orin
Buchtitel Workshop on Geometric and Topological Methods in Concurrency and Distributed Systems Theory (GETCO 2002)
Seiten 36–47
Jahr 2002
ISSN 1571-0661
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S1571-0661(04)80834-X
Ort Toulouse, France
Jahrgang 81
Monat October
Verlag Elsevier
Serie Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science
Zusammenfassung This paper contributes to the characterization of synchronous models of distributed computing using topological techniques. We consider a generic synchronous model with send-omission failures and use a topological structure corresponding to a bounded number of rounds of the model. We observe some nice properties of the structure and derive from these properties necessary and sufficient conditions to solve consensus in this model.
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