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Marco Caninis's Publications

IP network configuration for intradomain traffic engineering
Zitatschlüssel FR-INCITE-00
Autor Feldmann, Anja and Rexford, Jennifer
Jahr 2000
Monat May
Notiz No. 000526-02
Institution AT\&T Research
Zusammenfassung Traffic engineering involves runing a network's path-selection, link-scheduling, and buffer-management policies to the prevailing traffic demands and performance requirements. Effective traffic engineering requires an accurate, network-wide view of the configuration of the routers. However, network operators have limited tools to aid in configuring diversity of network equipment, the large number of configuration options, and the interaction of configuration parameters across multiple routers. Manulal configuration of individual routers can introduce errors and inconsistencies with unforeseen consequences for the operational network. In this paper, we discuss a methodology for optaining an abstract, network-wide view of an IP backbone network that supports a wide variety of traffic-engineering tasks. We show how the network model can be populated from router configuration files and explain how, almost as a by-product, to check the correctness and consistency of the network configuration. Then, we describe the operational requirements on collection of the configuration data, evolution of the network model, and customization to a particular network. Finally, we describe the tool, netdb, that as been developed in colllaboration with AT\&T IP Services.
Typ der Publikation Technical Memorandum
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