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Luigi Iannone's Publications

Cross-Layer Routing and Mobility Management in Wireless Mesh Networks
Citation key I-CLRMMWMN-09
Author Iannone, Luigi
Pages 136
Year 2009
ISBN 978-3-639-17963-7
Address Saarbrücken, Germany
Month July
Publisher VDM Verlag Dr. Müller
Abstract Wireless Mesh Networks (WMN), a two-tier architecture based on Wireless Mesh Routers (WMR), has captured the interest from both academia and industry, because of their ability to accommodate both Wireless ISPs and user requirements. Despite the large amount of research developed in this area, several issues still need to be solved. In this thesis we design an efficient solution for multi-hop wireless networks providing the following contributions. First, we design and formalize Mesh Routing Strategy (MRS), a cross-layer routing approach. MRS relies on simple heuristics able to optimize transmission power and route selection, resulting in important increase of the transport capacity of the mesh backbone. Second, we design and implement MeshDV, a routing framework adapted to WMNs, which includes MRS and is also able to easily manage user mobility. Third, we develop MeshDVbox, a custom WMR built using off-the-shelf components and deployed in our laboratory to realize a WMN test-bed.
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