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Research challenges in QoS routing
Author Masip-Bruin, Xavier and Yannuzzi, Marcelo and Domingo-Pascual, Jordi and Fonte, Alexandre and Curado, Marília and Monteiro, Edmundo and Kuipers, Fernando A. and Van Mieghem, Piet and Avallone, Stefano and Ventre, Giorgio and Aranda-Gutiérrez, Pedro A. and Hollick, Matthias and Steinmetz, Ralf and Iannone, Luigi and Salamatian, Kavé
Pages 563–581
Year 2006
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.comcom.2005.06.008
Journal Computer Communications (Elsevier)
Volume 29
Month March
Note Number 5-6
Abstract Quality of Service Routing is at present an active and remarkable research area, since most emerging network services require specialized Quality of Service (QoS) functionalities that cannot be provided by the current QoS-unaware routing protocols. The provisioning of QoS based network services is in general terms an extremely complex problem, and a significant part of this complexity lies in the routing layer. Indeed, the problem of QoS Routing with multiple additive constraints is known to be NP-hard. Thus, a successful and wide deployment of the most novel network services demands that we thoroughly understand the essence of QoS Routing dynamics, and also that the proposed solutions to this complex problem should be indeed feasible and affordable. This article surveys the most important open issues in terms of QoS Routing, and also briefly presents some of the most compelling proposals and ongoing research efforts done both inside and outside the E-Next Community to address some of those issues.
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