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Ioannis Avramopoulos' Publications


Avramopoulos, Ioannis and Rexford, Jennifer and Schapire, Robert (2008). From Optimization to Regret Minimization and Back Again. Proc. of the Third Workshop on Tackling Computer System Problems with Machine Learning Techniques (SysML '08)


Suchara, Martin and Avramopoulos, Ioannis (2009). Comparing the Security Performance of Network-Layer and Application-Layer Anycast. (Technical Report)

Wang, Yi and Avramopoulos, Ioannis and Rexford, Jennifer (2009). Design for configurability: Rethinking interdomain routing policies from the ground up. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 336–348.

Haeberlen, Andreas and Avramopoulos, Ioannis and Rexford, Jennifer (2009). NetReview: Detecting When Interdomain Routing Goes Wrong. 6th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI '09). USENIX Association, 437–452.

Avramopoulos, Ioannis and Suchara, Martin (2009). Protecting DNS from routing attacks: Two alternative anycast implementations. IEEE Security and Privacy, 14–20.


Alistarh, Dan and Trédan, Gilles and Avramopoulos, Ioannis and Kuznetsov, Petr (2010). Routing Attacks as a Viable Threat: Can Software Systems Protect Themselves?. Sixth Workshop on Hot Topics in System Dependability (HotDep 2010, poster session), 1–3.


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