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Harald Schiöberg's Publications

MultiFlowDispatcher and TCPSpeaker
Citation key SL-MFDTS-09
Author Schiöberg, Harald and Levin, Dan
Title of Book Symposium on Click Modular Router (SyClick!)
Year 2009
Location Ghent, Belgium
Month November
Note Slides: http://www.syclick.ua.ac.be/content/multiflowdispatcher-and-tcpspeaker; Video: http://www.syclick.ua.ac.be/content/multiflowdispatcher-and-tcpspeaker-video
Abstract We introduce MultiFlowDispatcher, a new Element that can be used to handle per-flow state in Click. We use this Element to implement TCPSpeaker, a derived Element that implements a full-featured TCP stack in Click.
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