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Eirini Spartinou's Publications

Nataliya Skrypnyuk (2006). Load-Sensitive Routing. Technische Universität München

Mai, Michael (2005). Dynamic Protocol Analysis for Network Intrusion Detection Systems. Technische Universität München

Kornexl, Stefan (2005). High-Performance Packet Recording for Network Intrusion Detection. Technische Universität München

Rosenthal, Jens (2004). Erkennung von Stepping Stones in breitbandigem Netzwerkverkehr. Technische Universität München

Penz, Robert (2004). Analysis and Design of a SIM based authentication solution for WLAN. Technische Universität München

Hartl, Andreas (2004). Examining BGP update dynamics using network siumulation. Technische Universitat München

Bender, Stefan (2004). Application layer routing within the Gnutella network. Universität des Saarlandes

Bellion, Michael (2004). Optimizing HiPAC for policy routing, packet filtering and traffic control. Universität des Saarlandes

Heinz, Thomas (2004). HiPAC – High Performance Packet Classification for Netfilter. Universität des Saarlandes

Sandhaas, Tobias (2003). System zur Anomalieerkennung in IP-Netzwerken: Design und Realisierung. Technische Universität München

Krämer, Thomas (2003). IP Traffic Engineering –- OSPF vs. MPLS. Universität des Saarlandes

Walter, Philipp (2003). Evaluation of Random Early Detection Router Queues. Universität des Saarlandes

Merkel, Andreas (2003). Analysis and Simulation of Network Anomalies. Universität des Saarlandes

Horst, Susanne (2003). A Simulation-Based Comparison of an Abstract Transmission Protocol and TCP. Universität des Saarlandes

Böhm, Hagen (2003). Analysis of OSPFv2–BGP4 Interactions Using the SSFNet Simulator. Universität des Saarlandes

Bürkle, Sara (2003). BGP convergence analysis. Universität des Saarlandes

Dewes, Christian (2003). Statistische Eigenschaften von Chat Verkehr. Universität des Saarlandes

Jacob, Dirk (2002). Testing Intra-Domain Routing in a Network Simulator. Universität des Saarlandes

Richter, Philipp (2010). Classification of origin AS behavior based on BGP update streams. Technische Universität Berlin

Vollmert, Christian (2004). Design and Implementation of a Web Workload Generator for the SSFNet Simulator. Technische Universität München

Schiöberg, Doris (2008). Hardware Evaluation Indoor Testbed. Technische Universität Berlin

Schneider, Fabian (2004). Analyse der Leistung von BPF und libpcap in Gigabit-Ethernet Umgebungen. Technische Universität München

Mühlbauer, Wolfgang and Wimmer, Matthias (2003). Bandwidth Consumption in Multipath Resilience Networks. Technische Universität München

Wolfgang Mühlbauer (2004). Sensibility analysis of BGP convergence and scalability using network simulation. Technische Universität München

Ulmer, Patricia Badi and Dollinger, Andreas and Maier, Gregor (2006). Tracking, Tracing und Parameterabfrage von hochpreisigen beweglichen Geräten und Apparaten im Krankenhaus. Technische Universität München

Sarrar, Nadi (2008). Ein BitTorrent Analyzer für das Bro NIDS. Technische Universität Berlin

Hartmann, Richard (2006). Design and Implementation of an extensible Router Configuration Management Program. Technische Universität München

Zhi Qi (2006). AS path-prepending in the Internet and its impact on routing decisions. Technische Universität München

Schneider, Stefan (2006). Automated deriving of statistical parameters characterizing network traffic. Technische Universität München

Pronchev, Ivan (2006). Packet Capturing Using the Linux Netfilter Framework. Technische Universität München

Blank, Ricarda (2005). Analyse von Paket-Reordering in TCP-Verbindungen. Technische Universität München

Lange, Sebastian (2004). Analyse und Performancetests von Paket-Replay Programmen. Technische Universität München

Gersmann, Stefan (2004). Entwicklung eines UPnP SDK. Technische Universität München

Mai, Michael (2004). Generierung von Intrusion-Detection-Konfigurationen aus Firewall-Regeln. Technische Universität München

Kuhn, Michael and Ostermaier, Benedikt (2003). Implementierung eines SSL-Protokoll-Analysators für das Intrusion Detection System Bro. Technische Universität München

Hartl, Andreas (2003). Ein graphischer Netzwerk-Editor für DML-Dateien. Technische Universität München

Hühn, Thomas and Merz, Ruben and Sengul, Cigdem (2010). Joint Transmission Rate, Power, and Carrier Sense Settings: An Initial Measurement Study. Fifth IEEE Workshop on Wireless Mesh Networks (WIMESH 2010). IEEE, 1–6.

Karrer, Roger and Kühn, Ulrich and Hühn, Thomas (2008). Joint Application and Network Defense against DDoS Flooding Attacks in the Future Internet. Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Future Generation Communication and Networking (FGCN '08), 11–16.

Yoo, Jae-Yong and Hühn, Thomas and Kim, JongWon (2008). PaPMo: packet accurate protocol monitoring system. WiNTECH '08: Proceedings of the third ACM international workshop on Wireless network testbeds, experimental evaluation and characterization. ACM, 101–102.

Yoo, Jae-Yong and Hühn, Thomas and Kim, JongWon (2008). Active capture of wireless traces: overcome the lack in protocol analysis. WiNTECH '08: Proceedings of the third ACM international workshop on Wireless network testbeds, experimental evaluation and characterization. ACM, 41–48.

Karrer, Roger and Pescapé, Antonio and Hühn, Thomas (2008). Challenges in Second-Generation Wireless Mesh Networks. EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking. Hindawi Publishing Corporation.

Karrer, Roger and Hühn, Thomas (2008). Ubiquitous TV delivery to the masses. International Journal of Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering. SERSC – Science & Engineering Research Support Center, 21–34.

Aziz, Adel and Hühn, Thomas and Karrer, Roger and Thiran, Patrick (2008). Model validation through experimental testbed: the fluid flow behavior example. Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Testbeds and Research Infrastructures for the Development of Networks & Communities (TRIDENTCOM '08). ICST (Institute for Computer Sciences, Social-Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering), 1–6.

Hühn, Thomas (2009). Decentralized Administration Concepts for Wireless Community Mesh Networks.. Proceedings of the 1st Extreme Workshop on Communication – Midnight Sun Expedition (ExtremeCom '09)

Aggarwal, Vinay (2007). Utilizing ISP-P2P Collaboration to Enhance Trust in P2P Systems. (Invited Talk: Workshop on Enhancing Social Interaction Satellite Workshop at European Conference on Complex Systems (ECCS))

Mehmood, Amir and Wundsam, Andreas and Uhlig, Steve and Levin, Dan and Sarrar, Nadi and Feldmann, Anja (2011). QoE-Lab: Towards evaluating Quality of Experience for Future Internet Conditions. Proceedings of 7th International Conference on Testbeds and Research Infrastructures for the Development of Networks and Communities (TridentCom '11). Springer, 299–314.

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