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Dan Levin's Publications

TCP Compatibility for Multihop Wireless Mesh Networks
Zitatschlüssel L-TCMWMN-10
Autor Levin, Dan
Jahr 2010
Adresse Berlin, Germany
Monat February
Schule Technische Universität Berlin
Zusammenfassung Wireless mesh networks present unique problems for the ubiquitous TCP transport protocol. Flows suffer serious throughput and fairness penalties as they propagate over multiple wireless hops. While mitigation techniques have been proposed at different layers in the protocol stack, these solutions often present hurdles for adoption in networks hosting real user traffic such as the BOWL network at TU-Berlin. This thesis contributes to a proposed cross-layer transport protocol stack in development for BOWL aimed at addressing these problems in a running mesh network. The protocol aims to remove TCP from within the mesh entirely. We implement and evaluate a mechanism to bridge TCP flows entering and leaving the mesh at its edges, realized as a Click element named TCPSpeaker. To the mesh network users, the TCPSpeaker presents a fully TCP-compliant compatibility interface, while providing the freedom to later introduce a better-suited cross-layer transport protocol within the mesh. We then evaluate the implementation and performance characteristics of the TCPSpeaker as a transport protocol translator and identify directions for further work.
Typ der Publikation Master Thesis
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