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Çiğdem Şengül's Publications

Bowlmap: Network Monituring and Debugging through Measurement Visualization
Zitatschlüssel VLHS-BNMDMV-12
Autor Vahl, Benjamin and Luque, Francisco and Hühn, Thomas and Sengul, Cigdem
Buchtitel 4th IEEE Workshop on Hot Topics in Mesh Networking (HotMESH '12)
Jahr 2012
Ort San Francisco, CA, USA
Monat June
Zusammenfassung In this paper, we present Bowlmap, a web-based visualization tool designed for network monitoring and debugging. Bowlmap offers a highly-customizable representation of different measurement traces in the same network map. An important feature of Bowlmap is that it provides the user a convenient way to visualize both live and offline measurements and combine results from different sources. In addition to its flexibility, Bowlmap is designed to achieve low bandwidth usage, which allows faster visualization updates to the viewers. We demonstrate Bowlmap's capabilities and performance through several case studies to show how Bowlmap facilitates network monitoring and debugging.
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