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Audio and Video Channel Impact on Perceived Audio-visual Quality in Different Interactive Contexts
Citation key BMLRM-AVCIPAQDIC-09
Author Belmudez, Benjamin and Möller, Sebastian and Blazej, Lewcio and Raake, Alexander and Mehmood, Amir
Title of Book MMSP '09: Proceedings of IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing
Pages 1–5
Year 2009
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/MMSP.2009.5293330
Location Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Address New York, NY, USA
Month October
Publisher IEEE
Abstract With the advent of audio-visual IP clients, video telephony becomes a realistic option in many application scenarios. In order to guarantee an adequate quality to its users, providers of audio-visual telephony services need to know the impact of the audio and video transmission channel characteristics on perceived Quality of Experience (QoE) in a realistic interactive setting. For this aim, a conversational video telephony experiment was conducted where the audio and video channel settings were adjusted in a controlled way, and participants were asked about the perceived audio, video and overall quality after carrying out a conversation over the audio-visual channel. We analyze the results with respect to the impact the two modalities have, as well as with respect to the impact of the conversation scenario.
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