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Amir Mehmood's Publications

Network Troubleshooting with Shadow VNets
Zitatschlüssel WMFM-NTSV-09
Autor Wundsam, Andreas and Mehmood, Amir and Feldmann, Anja and Maennel, Olaf
Buchtitel SIGCOMM '09: Demo Session of the 2009 conference on Applications, technologies, architectures, and protocols for computer communications
Jahr 2009
ISBN 978-1-4503-0201-2
Ort Barcelona, Spain
Monat August
Zusammenfassung Troubleshooting a problem on today's Internet is a hard problem, as it is difficult to predict how a planned con- figuration change or software upgrade will behave in production. This demo demonstrates how the emerg- ing concept of Network Virtualization can be leveraged to overcome such problems: When a problem occurs, an operator can pair his production network with a Shadow VNet, and then troubleshoot and upgrade the Shadow VNet in a safe way, without interfering with the produc- tion network. Only when convinced that the upgrade is beneficial and does not cause any unwanted side effects, the Shadow VNet is switched to production mode. With the help of the agility and isolation properties of the un- derlying virtualized infrastructure, the entire operation can be achieved without requiring changes to the physi- cal or logical structure of the production network. With this core experiment from [5], we hope to demonstrate the significant potential of Network Virtualization for troubleshooting purposes to a wider audience outside of the core virtualization community.
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