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On the Topologies Formed by Selfish Peers
Citation key MSW-OTFSP-06a
Author Moscibroda, Thomas and Schmid, Stefan and Wattenhofer, Roger
Title of Book Dagstuhl Seminar Proceedings 06131 on Peer-to-Peer Systems and Applications
Year 2006
ISSN 1862-4405
Address Dagstuhl, Germany
Month March
Note Dagstuhl Seminar No. 06131
Editor Joseph, Anthony D. and Steinmetz, Ralf and Wehrle, Klaus
Publisher Internationales Begegnungs- und Forschungszentrum für Informatik (IBFI), Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany
Abstract Current peer-to-peer (P2P) systems often suffer from a large fraction of freeriders not contributing any resources to the network. Various mechanisms have been designed to overcome this problem. However, the selfish behavior of peers has aspects which go beyond resource sharing. This paper studies the effects on the topology of a P2P network if peers selfishly select the peers to connect to. In our model, a peer exploits locality properties in order to minimize the latency (or response times) of its lookup operations. At the same time, the peer aims at not having to maintain links to too many other peers in the system. We show that the resulting topologies can be much worse than if peers collaborated. Moreover, the network may never stabilize, even in the absence of churn.
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