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Implementing the Locator/ID Separation Protocol: Design and Experience
Citation key ISB-ILISPDE-11
Author Iannone, Luigi and Saucez, Damien and Bonaventure, Olivier
Pages 948–958
Year 2011
ISSN 1389-1286
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.comnet.2010.12.017
Journal Computer Networks
Volume 55
Number 4
Month March
Publisher Elsevier
Abstract During last years, the network research community and the industry have been working on the design of an alternate Internet Routing Architecture aiming at solving the issues arising in the current architecture. It is widely accepted that applying Locator/ID separation paradigm would result into a more scalable and flexible architecture. As the name suggests, in Locator/ID separation the identification (ID) and the localization (locator) of end-points is separated, while the link between the ID and the Locator(s) is ensured by what is called the mapping system. In this paper we present OpenLISP, an open source implementation of LISP (Locator/ID Separation Protocol). LISP is a Locator/Identifier separation solution based on the map-and-encap approach, which has the merit of being incrementally deployable, hence, falling in the category of dirty-slate approaches. OpenLISP is not only the implementation of the LISP specifications, it also defines the mapping sockets, a socket-based abstraction making the data plane and the control plane implementations independent. The evaluation provided in this paper show the limited impact on the protocol stack performances compared to traditional non-encapsulated traffic.
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