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BLT: Bi-layer tracing of HTTP and TCP/IP
Citation key F-BLT-00
Author Feldmann, Anja
Title of Book Proceedings of the 9th international World Wide Web conference on Computer networks: the international journal of computer and telecommunications netowrking
Pages 321–335
Year 2000
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S1389-1286(00)00077-3
Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Address Amsterdam, The Netherlands, The Netherlands
Publisher North-Holland Publishing Co.
Abstract We describe BLT, a tool for extracting full HTTP level as well as TCP level traces via packet monitoring. This paper presents the software architecture that allows us to collect traces continuously, online, and at any point in the network. The software has been used to extract extensive traces within AT\&T WorldNet since spring 1997 as well as at AT\&T Labs-Research. BLT offers a much richer alternative to Web proxy logs, client logs, and Web server logs due to the accuracy of the timestamps, the level of details available by considering several protocol layers (TCP/IP and HTTP events), and its non intrusive way of gathering data. Traces gathered using BLT have provided the foundation of several Web performance studies.
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