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The real gain of cross-layer routing in wireless mesh networks
Zitatschlüssel IKF-RGCRWMN-06
Autor Iannone, Luigi and Kabassanov, Konstantin and Fdida, Serge
Buchtitel REALMAN '06: Proceedings of the 2nd international workshop on Multi-hop ad hoc networks: from theory to reality
Seiten 15–22
Jahr 2006
ISBN 1-59593-360-3
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/1132983.1132987
Ort Florence, Italy
Adresse New York, NY, USA
Monat May
Verlag ACM
Zusammenfassung Efficient routing in wireless mesh networks is a fundamental issue to be addressed in order to boost real deployments bywireless Internet Service Providers (ISP). In last years, research has shown, mainly by simulation, that a cross-layerdesign can significantly improve network performance. Nevertheless, despite the multitude of solutions proposed, fewhave known a real implementation. In this paper, we propose some measurements, performed on a real Wireless MeshNetwork (WMN), clearly showing the importance of a cross-layer approach in order to improve the performances of the mesh backbone. The platform is composed of MeshDVboxes our custom Wireless Mesh Router (WMR), built up from off-the-shelf hardware and open source software. As a routing protocol we use two versions (with and without cross-layermetrics) of MeshDV, a simple routing protocol expressly de-signed for WMNs. Our tests show that in cases where traditional hop-count metric compromises network connectivity, cross-layer routing is able to maintain it and has still good performances.
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