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A Self-Stabilizing and Local Delaunay Graph Construction
Citation key JRSS-SSLDGC-09
Author Jacob, Riko and Ritscher, Stephan and Scheideler, Christian and Schmid, Stefan
Year 2009
Month September
Note TechReport No. TR-TI-09-307
Institution Universit├Ąt Paderborn
Abstract This paper studies the construction of self-stabilizing topologies for distributed systems. While recent research has focused on chain topologies where nodes need to be linearized with respect to their identifiers, we go a step further and explore a natural 2-dimensional generalization. In particular, we present a local self-stabilizing algorithm that constructs a Delaunay graph from any initial connected topology and in a distributed manner. This algorithm terminates in time O(n_3) in the worst-case. We believe that such self-stabilizing Delaunay networks have interesting applications and give insights into the necessary geometric reasoning that is required for higher-dimensional linearization problems.
Bibtex Type of Publication Technical Report
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