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Delay-Tolerant Social Networking
Citation key B-DTSN-09
Author Buchegger, Sonja
Title of Book ExtremeCom '09: 1st Extreme Workshop on Communication – Midnight Sun Expedition
Year 2009
Abstract To address privacy concerns in current online social networks, we previously proposed to use a peer-to-peer infrastructure and encryption, thereby recreating the features of online social networks in a distributed, provider-less, community-driven, and privacy-preserving way. Once the functionality is distributed, social networks are no longer dependent on Internet connectivity for every transaction – in contrast to current web-based services. We therefore have the opportunity to take into account locality, both in terms of connectivity by direct exchange between devices, and in terms of content, such as local community interests and events. This way, social networking applications can benefit from local storage, connectivity, and delay-tolerant data transfer via social encounters. The local communities, in turn, can benefit from the social networking applications enabled by such a system, e.g., by finding neighbors with similar interests.
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