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Connection Sharing in Community Networks – How to Accomodate Peak Bandwidth Demands
Citation key W-CSCNAPBD-07
Author Wundsam, Andreas
Year 2007
Address Munich, Germany
Month April
School Technische Universit√§t M√ľnchen
Abstract Today, broadband Internet links are a very commonplace convenience, especially in urban neighborhoods. On average, the performance of these links is considered more than adequate by their users, with the bandwidth used only partially during most of the day. However, bandwidth demands can vary considerably, leading to poor performance of a single link in times of peak demand. A possible approach for this problem is for a group of Internet users to use their Internet links in a shared manner, and handle peak demands by trading bandwidth. This requires a shared communication medium between the cooperating users, which can be provided by the common Wireless LAN technology. In this diploma thesis, we present a system implementing this idea. Our scenario is a group of loosely associated Internet users with typical consumer broadband Internet links, without any outside help by the provider or other central instances. We design a purely software-based solution, which is be installed on the computers of the participants and distributes the data flows among the available Internet links. A research implementation of this system has been developed as part of this thesis. We describe its objective and architecture. We also present a testbed designed to validate and benchmark the implementation. In it, the environment of the system has been modelled with its parameters. Different approaches are discussed with their advantages and disadvantages. For benchmarking the system, we use web traffic and peer-to-peer filesharing traffic. For web traffic, we determine performance improvements of up to 40\%. Peer-to-Peer traffic even scales indentically with the bandwidth available, but can hurt the performance of competing traffic from other participants.
Bibtex Type of Publication Diplomarbeit
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