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Automated QoE monituoring in PJSIP VoIP client
Citation key G-AQMPVC-10
Author Glukhovskyi, Oleksii
Year 2010
Address Berlin, Germany
Month May
School Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin
Abstract Quality of Experience (QoE) is one of the key characteristics of the VoIP systems, which determine the competitive position of a VoIP product on the market. QoE depends heavily on the network conditions, such as packet loss, delay or jitter. While it is possible to measure these parameters on the network application layer, their impact on the quality of experience would vary significantly depending on the VoIP endpoint implementation. Dealing with the VoIP client as a black box in this regard constitutes a problem, because sufficient measurement accuracy can not be achieved in this case. In order to address this problem, I designed and implemented an extension for the PjSIP VoIP client, which enabled a new level of quality of experience monitoring for real-time VoIP stream analysis. I also created a fully automated script-based test suite, ready to be used for the measurement of QoE parameters of a specific network segment. The complete test setup and the experiments conducted in the course of work for the evaluation of the system are explained.
Bibtex Type of Publication Crojekt
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