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LOPP: A LOcation Privacy Protected Anonymous Routing Protocol for Disruption Tolerant Network
Citation key LHTPX-LPPARPDTN-10
Author Lu, Xiaofeng and Hui, Pan and Towsley, Don and Pu, Juahua and Xiong, Zhang
Pages 503–509
Year 2010
ISSN 0916-8532
Online ISSN 1745-1361
Journal IEICE Transactions, D: Information and Systems
Volume 93
Number 3
Month March
Note Special Issue on Trust, Security and Privacy for Pervasive Applications
Abstract In this paper, we propose an anonymous routing protocol, LOPP, to protect the originator's location privacy in Delay/Disruption Tolerant Network (DTN). The goals of our study are to minimize the originator's probability of being localized (P_l) and maximize the destination's probability of receiving the message (P_r). The idea of LOPP is to divide a sensitive message into k segments and send each of them to n different neighbors. Although message fragmentation could reduce the destination's probability to receive a complete message, LOPP can decrease the originator's P_l. We validate LOPP on a real-world human mobility dataset. The simulation results show that LOPP can decrease the originator's P_l by over 54\% with only 5.7\% decrease in destination's P_r. We address the physical localization issue of DTN, which was not studied in the literature.
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