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Towards Realistic Vehicular Network Modeling Using Planet-scale Public Webcams
Zitatschlüssel THKH-TRVNMUPPW-11
Autor Thakur, Gautam S. and Hui, Pan and Ketabdar, Hamed and Helmy, Ahmed
Jahr 2011
Monat May
Notiz ID arXiv:1105.4151
Institution arXiv
Zusammenfassung Realistic modeling of vehicular mobility has been particularly challenging due to a lack of large libraries of measurements in the research community. In this paper we introduce a novel method for large-scale monitoring, analysis, and identification of spatio-temporal models for vehicular mobility using the freely available online webcams in cities across the globe. We collect vehicular mobility traces from 2,700 traffic webcams in 10 different cities for several months and generate a mobility dataset of 7.5 Terabytes consisting of 125 million of images. To the best of our knowledge, this is the largest data set ever used in such study. To process and analyze this data, we propose an efficient and scalable algorithm to estimate traffic density based on background image subtraction. Initial results show that at least 82\% of individual cameras with less than 5\% deviation from four cities follow Loglogistic distribution and also 94\% cameras from Toronto follow gamma distribution. The aggregate results from each city also demonstrate that Log-Logistic and gamma distribution pass the KS-test with 95\% confidence. Furthermore, many of the camera traces exhibit long range dependence, with self-similarity evident in the aggregates of traffic (per city). We believe our novel data collection method and dataset provide a much needed contribution to the research community for realistic modeling of vehicular networks and mobility.
Typ der Publikation Technical Report
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