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Achievability of an Incentive Mechanism for Gossip based Peer-to-Peer Streaming
Zitatschlüssel A-AIMGBPS-06
Autor Agarwal, Sachin
Buchtitel Workshop on Recent advances in Peer-to-Peer Streaming
Jahr 2006
Ort Waterloo, Canada
Zusammenfassung We provide a generic achievability argument for incentives in gossip based p2p streaming by proving that after coupling a randomized optimistic unchoke mechanism to an incentive based gossip streaming algorithm we can (still) distribute a stream from one source to n peers in O(log n) time with high probability.We provide simulation results for a distributed incentive scheme for gossip based p2p streaming and confirm the ability to achieve a constant (per peer in time, not across peers) stream rate to peers that is needed for streaming applications. The scheme differentiates users’ download rates based upon how much bandwidth they contribute back to the p2p system.
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