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Routerlab: Teaching

the Routerlab clouds and networks
The Routerlab clouds and networks

The routerlab is the home of the Routerlab Labcourse always taking place during the summer semester. This is a hands-on labcourse, that gives the students the chance of interacting with real Internet hardware. Students are working in one of three (semi)isomorphic clouds called Berlin, Munich and Hamburg and interacting with exclusively reserved and shared devices Key points:

  • real networking hardware – this labcourse is taught on real Enterprise-class routers and switches from Cisco and Juniper. It thus gives you
  • hands-on experience that could be hard to come by somewhere else in university.

Regular topics:

  • Internet Routing – configure OSPF on your routers and watch the routes propate through the lab
  • IPv6 – bridge IPv4 and IPV6 networks and learn about Internets soon-to-come-any-decade-now standard protcol
  • ISP operation simulate a DSL access setup with a WRT-based wireless router. Set up the provider, including pppoe and radius authentication.

Your next chance to join

Probably next summer semester. Please check the teaching part of our website for details.


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