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The number of routes to be redistributed inside large transit ASes is in the range of the million. Not only does the storage and propagation of this information poses serious scalability issues, but the way routers select routes will increase in complexity, requiring more sophisticated techniques than the current BGP in order to let each router leverage the routing information available to the AS. In this work, we revisit the design space of route redistribution inside large ASs.


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Selected Publications

Cittadini, Luca and Mühlbauer, Wolfgang and Uhlig, Steve and Bush, Randy and François, Pierre and Maennel, Olaf (2010). Evolution of Internet Address Space Deaggregation: Myths and Reality. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 1238–1249.

Lambert, Anthony and Buob, Marc-Olivier and Uhlig, Steve (2009). Improving Internet-wide routing protocols convergence with MRPC timers. CoNEXT '09: 5th ACM SIGCOMM International Conference on emerging Networking Experiments and Technologies. ACM, 325–336.

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