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BitTorrent Demographics

BitTorrent in one of the most popular peer-to-peer (P2P) systems. P2P users that are interested in downloading content participate in the same file sharing group which is called swarm. By monitoring the user population of swarms we can extract demographic information about them. We have designed, implemented and deployed a BitTorrent crawler that continuously collect statistics about the P2P users that participate in popular swarms. Our results show that the behavior of users highly depends on the geographical region they belong to as well as their cultural background, e.g. language. Our results also uncover patterns on user behavior as well as activity cycles that span multiple time regions. These statistics are essential to better understand the dynamics of P2P file sharing systems as well as the dissemination of content in P2P systems.

Selected Publications

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  • Thomas Krenc, "Demographic Measurement of Popular BitTorrent Swarms", Bachelor Thesis.

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