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Multi Access Networks

In today’s Internet, almost all end devices have multiple interfaces built in. This enables users to switch between different access networks or even use them simultaneously, helping them to better use the available resources and better match their communication needs. However, end devices in the conventional Internet architecture are typically not involved in any kind of path selection, despite choosing among a set of access networks by taking the application into account has an enormous potential. To exploit this, we approach the question of how to best leverage the available path diversity from the end host's perspective and transport each application’s traffic on the best suited access network.


  • Ramin Khalili
  • Juhoon Kim
  • Ruben Merz
  • Steve Uhlig

Selected Publications

Socket Intents: Leveraging Application Awareness for Multi-access Connectivity.

by Schmidt, Philipp S. and Enghardt, Theresa and Khalili, Ramin and Feldmann, Anja (2013).


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