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Gilles Trédan, Dr.


CV: I obtained a PhD degree in computer science from University of Rennes 1 in November 2009. I prepared my degree in the ASAP team, under the supervision of Achour Mostefaoui. Since January 2010, I'm a postDoc in the FG Inet group, Berlin.
The objective of my thesis, entitled "Structures and Distributed systems", is to study the impact of communications structures on various distributed systems. It's aim is to consider communication structures as a parameter of the system (and thus of the problem...). In this context my thesis enlights the impact of the communication structure on distributed algorithms exploiting it, and explores different directions to detect/adapt/counter this impact.

Research Topics:

  • Open/Complex/Social networks modeling
  • Estimation of graph topological properties
  • Distributed algorithms
  • Byzantine and malicious behaviours

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