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Contact Person: Birgit Hohmeier-Touré

SDN-enabled Application-aware Network Control Architectures
Susanna Schwarzmann (Universität Würzburg)
Guest talk
12 April 2018
MAR 4.033

The applications running on top of today’s networks are getting more and more diverse and have different requirements on the network. While a segment download for adaptive video streaming only needs a certain bandwidth to arrive in time, VoIP will drastically suffer from network delay and packet loss. Additionally to the constantly increase of network traffic due to the rising demand on new paradigms and services, like for example cloud computing and VoD platforms, users’ expectations are rising as well. Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a new networking paradigm overcoming several limitations of conventional network architectures by separating control plane and data plane. This SDN principle leverages the configuration, control, and implementation of functions on network devices in a standardized and centralized manner. It shifts the intelligence, which is conventionally distributed among the devices in the network, to one logically centralized unit with a global network view, the SDN controller. The controller decides about control actions and communicates instructions to the switches via standardized protocols like OpenFlow. This talk presents how SDN can be applied in order to fulfill the applications' requirements on the network to enhance user QoE. To do so, monitoring of the network and of the applications is applied. Based on the gathered information, network reconfiguration or application control can be performed. We explore different interaction patterns between network and applications and show how they differ w.r.t. to implemented building blocks, induced overhead and performance in terms of QoE enhancement.
Susanna Schwarzmann received her Bachelor degree in 2014 from the University of Würzburg. There, she also received her Master degree with a focus on Internet Technologies in 2016. Since 2017, she is PhD student at the Chair of Communication Networks in Würzburg. Her research interests cover next generation network, the interaction of applications with the network, and Quality of Experience (QoE).

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